Heilbronn Half-Pallet

In order to improve efficiency and transparency in the logistics chain, GreenCycle has developed its own load carrier: the Heilbronn Half-Pallet (HHP).

Pallets without compromise

Pallets without compromise

The innovative and pioneering pallet is made of 100% recyclable HDPE plastic. At just 6.75 kg, it is considerably lighter than a conventional wooden pallet, and also more practical to use. Moreover, the pallet lasts longer and looks clean even after frequent use, which promotes sales and protects the environment.

With the Heilbronn Half-Pallet, sharp edges and splinters are a thing of the past, reducing the risk of injury. A built-in RFID transponder makes it possible to trace the pallet’s journey, thereby simplifying the management of the pallet pool. 

The Heilbronn Half-Pallet is ideally adapted to the requirements of industry and trade. Specially developed for high-bay warehouses and automated systems, it meets the highest requirements in terms of safety and efficiency during transport. This is thanks to its exact dimensions, standardisation according to DIN 15159 and its light weight.

Advantages at a glance


Lightweight and secure  

The Heilbronn Half-Pallet is made of a highly durable plastic, and is therefore very lightweight. The high breaking resistance of the material ensures stability in the warehouse and at the same time reduces the risk of accidents for employees.

Durable and robust

Heilbronn Half-Pallets have a much longer service life than conventional wooden pallets. While the conventional wooden Düsseldorf half-pallets usually have to be taken out of service or repaired after just two round trips from the manufacturer to the retailer and back, the custom-made Heilbronn Half-Pallets can withstand more than 100 round trips intact.

Functional and practical

Intelligent details such as a stacking edge, a slot for attaching the packing wrap, and aluminium runners ensure ease of use, thereby saving work, time and costs. Tailor-made and specially developed for the requirements of production plants with a high level of automation, it can be entered from all four sides. This makes the HHP ideal for use throughout the entire supply chain. 

Intelligent and digital

All Heilbronn Half-Pallets are fitted with an RFID chip, which enables valuable information to be captured and transmitted. Company logistics planners can ascertain where their pallets are at any given time and draw valuable conclusions about the usage periods of the transport vehicles. 

Sustainable and efficient

The Heilbronn Half-Pallet is made of 100% recyclable plastic. This saves valuable resources. The durability and longevity of the HHP make it a very cost-effective option when compared with other solutions in the sector.

Intelligent pallet management

Pallet management

The Heilbronn Half-Pallet is supplied and operated by GreenCycle within a closed pallet pool. The empty pallets are collected at the logistics centres and supplied to the various production plants. The priority is on keeping distances short and maximising utilisation of the articulated trucks used.

Logistic and commercial processes are managed and executed through a user-friendly web-based software. Thanks to the integrated RFID technology, the location of the pallets can be traced at any time via the Internet. This increases the transparency and efficiency of the logistics chain, and makes it possible to inform the relevant employees about an incoming delivery immediately by email. 

The causes of shrinkage and breakage are traceable. This transparency helps to reduce costs, which benefits all of the members of the pallet pool.