Think recycling management forward

GreenCycle is a globally active waste management company, as well as a driver of innovation in the areas of recyclables, energy management and logistics solutions.

Our brands

Our brands


PreZero is GreenCycle's sales brand in the growing waste management, sorting and recycling market. The company has created the waste management platform to provide easy and efficient access to waste disposal and recycling services.

GreenCycle US

GreenCycle arrived in the US in 2017. The company began operation with the acquisition of RMG Recycling in San Diego, California. Going forward, GreenCycle US looks to engage with companies via acquisition, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships with the goal of developing the recycling processes in the US.

GreenCycle Asia

GreenCycle is represented in Asia with an office in Hong Kong. The company is gathering valuable information on the local waste management industry. From their research, GreenCycle Asia will derive solutions for the rapidly growing metropolises of the continent.