Sustainability at GreenCycle

We take on the task of addressing one of the major concerns of our society: avoiding waste and valuing recyclable materials.

Sustainability at GreenCycle


People are the focus of our attention, whether as customers, employees or business partners. That is why we ensure that human rights are observed in all areas of our business activities worldwide. The declaration of principles that applies to the entire Schwarz Group underlines our responsibility as a globally operating group of companies. The observance of human rights is a matter of course for us. Our declaration of principles can be viewed here:
Schwarz Group Human Rights Policy Statement.

For us, sustainability is more than just a policy – it is the foundation of our business. We see ourselves as a modern environmental services provider that creates added value, for the customer as well as for the environment and society.

In today’s world, sustainable use of increasingly scarce resources is more important than ever. We take on this task on a daily basis because we see ourselves as part of society and, as experts, we address one of the major concerns of our society: avoiding waste and valuing recyclable materials. 

Our approach to sustainability is characterised by three features:

1. Innovation


Those who never think outside the box never move forward. At GreenCycle, unusual ideas are an integral part of our corporate culture. Since our foundation, we have seen ourselves as the pioneers of the Schwarz Group in all aspects of sustainable resource management. For example, we have significantly promoted the recycling of waste in the branches of the retail chains Kaufland and Lidl, and created new materials cycles. 


We invest in research and development for innovative solutions.

Environmental protection is a key concern for us. That is why we are consistently investing in modern technologies, working on innovations and developing new ways of thinking. For example, through our waste management brand PreZero, we are playing an active part in developing ways to recover recyclable materials from landfills and promoting the new technology of landfill mining.

2. Efficiency


Our drive is improvement, our mission is change. We aim to streamline processes, promote resource conservation and optimise structures in a sustainable way. Every road taken in vain is one road too many. Every gramme of CO2 produced unnecessarily is one gramme too many. And any refuse that is not usefully recycled is a wasted raw material. With this mindset, we are constantly optimising our processes, from logistics to the processing of waste – or what we prefer to call: recyclables in disguise. The aim is to reconcile ecology and economy.


Processing secondary raw materials is our primary objective. 

As part of the Schwarz Group, we have unique opportunities to develop new materials cycles and thereby reduce the consumption of natural resources. Backed by one of the largest trading companies in the world, we can take the entire raw materials utilisation chain into account – from production to trading, collection, sorting and reprocessing, all the way to reuse – and develop brand-new solutions. 

For example, Lidl’s Saskia brand bottles already have a recycled content of more than 60%. The paper and plastic waste from the stores is used to produce copy paper and plastic film bags, which return to the offices and stores as consumables. 

Not one kilometre too many, not one idea too few.

When it comes to transport and logistics, we also ensure that all journeys are coordinated in the most efficient way possible and intelligently cross-linked. We aim to keep distances short, optimise vehicle utilisation and provide user-optimised load carriers. We also want to make increasing use of alternative drive systems in our vehicle fleet.  

With our solutions and process optimisations, we not only regularly reduce harmful environmental impacts, but also leverage economic potential. 

3. Willingness to change


Every GreenCycle employee is committed to the same idea: reducing the consumption of natural resources, avoiding waste and shaping the future with sustainable and efficient solutions. Every concept relieves the burden on the environment, every decision helps to preserve natural resources. The concept of added value is applied consistently throughout the entire company: from the think tank for new recycling initiatives to the disposal and reprocessing of raw materials, from sustainable pallet management to shaping the energy transition. 


For us, this means being economical with existing resources, avoiding risky dependencies, and instead creating functioning alternatives. Responsibility for the environment and for people go hand in hand. 

We are open to ideas and courageous in taking decisions that have the potential to improve the environment and society. We are ready for change. By solving the problems of our time, we create the basis of life for future generations and take responsibility for our society. 

As a company of the Schwarz Group, we have the privilege of being able to deploy our concepts all over the world. The size and distribution of the retail group means that our solutions have produced tangible successes, which we also make available to other companies through our sales brands. At the same time, we invest in education and seek dialogue with other interest groups in society, such as politicians and environmental associations, in order to work with them to create new solutions and improve processes. 

With our expertise in the recycling industry, we also contribute to the success of the Schwarz Group’s plastics strategy. As part of this strategy, the Group is dedicated to the avoidance, design, recycling, disposal and innovation of plastics in every area of its business.