WIN! Charter project

In 2016, GreenCycle signed the WIN! Charter of the Sustainable Business Initiative ("Wirtschaftsinitiative Nachhaltigkeit", or "WIN" for short) of the state of Baden-Württemberg for the first time.

Sustainable Business Initiative

Sustainable Business Initiative

The WIN! Charter initiative puts the sustainability strategy of the state of Baden-Württemberg into action by pooling the experience and expertise of companies that are actively engaged in sustainability. In doing so, Baden-Württemberg promotes sustainable economic activity in the region.

By signing the Charter, GreenCycle has pledged to follow a set of sustainability principles. In the WIN! Charter, companies also define their own sustainability goals, focal points and activities. In addition, the signatories support social projects in the region.

A chance to visit rare habitats in the local area

As part of the WIN! Charter, GreenCycle established a partnership with the foundation Evangelische Stiftung Lichtenstern and the German Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union. The Greenfinch Trail was opened jointly in 2018. The trail was planned, built and designed by the staff of the foundation Evangelische Stiftung Lichtenstern and GreenCycle, which also supports the project financially.

The Greenfinch Trail is located on the grounds of the foundation Evangelische Stiftung Lichtenstern near Neckarsulm. Here visitors can spot rare birds, insects, amphibians, mammals and plants in a wide variety of habitats.

>> More information about the Greenfinch Trail, opening hours and directions can be found on the Greenfinch Trail website.