GreenCycle Academy

As part of a multi-day workshop, students from various disciplines develop ideas to increase sustainability.

Fresh ideas for greater sustainability

Sustainability strategies

Once a year, GreenCycle hosts the GreenCycle Academy for mixed teams of students from a wide range of disciplines. The task: to develop ideas to increase sustainability in resource management – with a fresh perspective and interdisciplinary team spirit.

GreenCycle pursues two main aims with this format: the first is to raise awareness among students and enable them to systematically pursue sustainability strategies. Secondly, the company would like to use the Academy as an opportunity to get to know young talent and put itself forward as an innovative, sustainable employer.

Every year, relevant tasks relating to the circular economy are prepared in advance and serve as the basis for the workshops. Within the framework of the Academy, the participants are then given an introduction to the specialist topics from company experts and to the relevant methods from external coaches, for example in design thinking. These can also be applied outside the workshop. 

The ideas are developed in the first three-day workshop. GreenCycle invites the best teams to a second workshop at the headquarters of the Schwarz Group in Neckarsulm, where the concepts are refined further. Students also have the opportunity to explore the company premises and local area. At the end, a jury of experts selects the most compelling concept. The winners are given the chance to develop their concept further to practical application in another tailor-made workshop, and to implement it in collaboration with GreenCycle. They can also be interviewed by the management as applicants.

Next GreenCycle Academy: autumn 2019

The GreenCycle Academy has already made a stop here:


24 to 26 June 2016 in Berlin


1. What will packaging look like in the discount store of the future?

2. How can the materials cycle in discount stores be improved?

22 to 24 September 2017 in Berlin 


1. How should a sustainable, holistic company strategy of the future be structured?

2. What might global waste flows look like in a sustainable future?

12 to 14 October 2018 in Munich


1. How could a strategy be developed to promote the brand of one of the world’s leading waste management companies? What kind of campaigns, communication channels or other ideas should be brought into play?

2. What might digital solutions for more efficient and effective waste management look like?