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PET bottles

PET bottles


Polyethylene terephthalate – PET for short – is a type of plastic used predominantly in the drinks industry. Bottle-return systems possessing the necessary technology are increasingly being installed in trade. Bottle-return machines sort the returned bottles according to stipulated categories – from “clear” to “coloured”. Supported by this highly successful system, a growing amount of new products made from PET are being produced.


Bottle-return and volume-reduction all in one – the bottle-return machines at our trade partners don’t only collect PET bottles. They perforate them as well. This saves space and guarantees the homogeneity of the PET bales produced. Once compressed using channel balers, GreenCycle delivers clear and coloured material bales to the industries which will process them. 


As with paper, cardboard boxes and plastics, GreenCycle guarantees the optimal utilisation of the articulated lorries used in the transportation of PET bales. It is important to avoid empty journeys. The industry that makes use of the materials profits through regular and reliable replenishments of PET material.


Textile fibres, wrapping films, bottles, containers and plastic barrel hoops – recycled PET is being used in more ways than ever. Despite the fact that ever more returnable bottles constitute a majority of the plastic to be recycled, new products continue to be produced from PET. For their production, the industries using the materials break down the material bales supplied by GreenCycle, shred them into flakes and then convert these into PET granulate. The granulate produced in this way then goes on to make new pre-forms that serve as the initial forms for later products.

PET bottles


Every day, huge amounts of PET bottles are brought to stores. Pre-sorted according to colour (coloured or clear), the PET is perforated by the engineered bottle-return systems on-site. Once compressed to PET balls using channel balers, the recyclable materials are ready for collection.


Optimal usage of all articulated lorries – this is the goal GreenCycle strives for. Every kilogram, every millimetre counts. Only once they have been fully loaded do the lorries leave the waste removal company’s facilities. This saves diesel, CO2 and money. It is also environmentally friendly.


After the delivery, the granulators liquidate the homogeneous PET materials into a molten mass. Using thin jet nozzles this is formed into strands and cooled, at which point rotating knives cut the actual PET granulate. Once packed in sacks or delivered as bulk solids, it is transferred to the users.

PET bottle fillers

Here, the fresh recycled granulate is liquefied at high temperature into a mass. New bottles are produced using the technique of injection moulding. Once delivered to companies in the drinks industry, filled anew and brought to stores, the cycle begins all over again.

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