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Paper and cardboard

Paper & cardboard


Every day, huge quantities of cartons and paper accumulate in the food retail industry. Folding boxes, packaging, delivery notes, flyers – preparing food for transport and presentation doesn’t just take time. Above all, it demands materials. Our aim is to collect, bundle together, transport and prepare these materials for recycling. In this way, new raw materials are created for the paper marketing industry.


GreenCycle provides its business partners in industry and trade with proven collection technology. Bale pressing, screw compressors and pressing containers compress the accumulated material. Depending on the quantity and the site, various things can be done. It is only once the material is at our removal companies that we press it into bales or pool the masses together. After this, we deliver the materials to the industry in which they are to be used.


Once it has been compressed and ultimately pressed into bales, the volume of the material to be recycled is reduced. The focus here is the optimal utilisation of the articulated lorries we use. This saves time, distance and therefore CO2.


Various factors, such as the service spectrum, the price of processing, and delivery quotas, determine the choice of the optimal processor. GreenCycle supplies the processor directly with the appropriate quality and quantity of materials. At this stage, the bales are broken down. The material created in this way flows into the new production process.

Paper & cardboard


Transport containers, packaging, advertising material – every day huge quantities of paper and cardboard accumulate in industry and trade. The accumulated material is compressed on-site with a screw compressor. Once they have been collected in a container, the recyclable materials are ready for collection.

Removal companies

GreenCycle’s removal partners empty the paper and cardboard containers of all our affiliated customers, as needed. The material collected here is re-compressed. Pressed into space-saving bales, cardboard packaging and paper are stored at the waste removal company’s facility up until transport to the paper mill.


Optimal usage of all articulated lorries – that is GreenCycle’s aim. Every kilogram, every millimetre counts. Only once fully loaded do the lorries leave the waste removal company’s facilities. This saves diesel, CO2 and money. It is also environmentally friendly.

Products in the cycle

Paper mill

The actual recycling starts with the breaking down of the paper and cardboard bales in the paper mill. The materials attained this way flow into the production process. New products made from paper and cardboard are produced and soon made available to the customer.

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