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Reusable cup

Conserving resources, preventing waste and protecting the environment is part of the Schwarz Group's economic activity and commitment. At the Schwarz Group locations, up to 375,000 disposable cups are used and thrown away per year. The GreenCycleCup is the environmentally friendly alternative to wasteful paper cups.


Coffee to go – we can also do it more sustainably! Alongside the Schwarz restaurant business, GreenCycle has also developed a reusable to-go cup and it will be introduced in all of the Schwarz Group's restaurants in December 2017. To encourage employees to be more eco-conscious, all administrative staff will receive a cup at the start of the promotion for free. To ensure that reusable cups play a central role in the Schwarz Group, disposable cups have been phased out for the sake of the environment.


  • The cup and lid of the GreenCycleCup are made from polypropylene plastic and are therefore recyclable, unlike disposable cups.
  • The cup is made in Germany which means long distance transport routes can be avoided and a high standard of quality is guaranteed.
  • It is dishwasher safe and shatterproof.
  • In the Schwarz Group's restaurants, the cup is on sale for €2.50 and available in five different designs.


If you have any questions or are interested in the reusable cup as a customer or partner then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our contact person:

Simone Fiedler
+49 (0) 7132-30-773044

375,000 Disposable Cups

That is the number of disposable cups that are used and thrown away in the Schwarz Restaurants each year.

9 Liters

That is the amount of coffee that an average Schwarz Group employee drinks out of disposable cups each year.

Multiple Use

Drinking from a multiple use cup a few times results in a far better environmental footprint than that of a disposable cup.