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Biomass and recycling

Organic waste that is no longer fit for consumption is compressed and transported to regionally-based biogas plants. The delivered organic waste is converted into biogas through fermentation and can, in this form, be fed into the local natural gas supply network.

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Recyclable paper, cardboard and cartons

Everyday a lot of recyclable paper and cardboard is accrued in the food retail sector. For the recycling process, GreenCycle provides proven techniques for collection that use resources carefully and make further treatment possible.

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Recyclable foil and plastic

Foil and plastic that is pre-sorted in branches and companies is bundled into material flows by GreenCycle. Compacted into balls, the material can then be transported and subsequently converted into new recycled products.

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Recyclable PET bottles

In bottle deposit machines, returned PET bottles are sorted and perforated according to colour. Recycling companies produce new recycled products from the material delivered to them in balls.

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Recyclable waste

GreenCycle also undertakes the optimisation of waste fraction that is subject to costs. This includes collection, transport and recycling of waste, as well as advice regarding costs and procedures.

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Products in a cycle

There is no such thing as waste - just recyclable materials in the wrong place! Whether it is biomass, paper, cardboard, foil, plastic or PET bottles, GreenCycle is your point of contact for material recycling in the food trade sector.

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