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We take anything that has served its purpose in trade and give it a new lease of life through recycling. We believe there’s no such thing as waste – just unsorted resources. Our goal is Zero Waste – through separating, recycling and the use of products made from recycled materials. That’s why we work every day to optimise our customers’ separating of waste materials, economise logistic routes and create new products from waste. This saves the environment and saves money.




GreenCycle @ LogiMAT 2018

GreenCycle will present itself as a Pool Service Provider of the Heilbronn Half Pallet (HHP) at LogiMAT 2018

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Driving with biogas!

GreenCycle has purchased a vehicle which uses gas of organic waste for driving.

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Call for disposal of recyclable waste

GreenCycle organizes the invitation to bid for the disposal of recyclable waste at our 363 branches in Lower Saxony (GER).

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  Our recyclable materials  

Paper & cardboard

Packaging, newspapers, flyers – GreenCycle bundles together all materials containing paper and recycles them. By doing so, we ease the burden on industry and trade. Producers of corrugated cardboard and standard paper receive high-quality material from us.

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Plastic wrapping and solid plastics

Stretch film, shrink film, flower pots: packaging that very quickly turns to waste – but not with GreenCycle. We collect, bundle together and make use of used plastics to give them a new function: raw materials for plastics production.

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PET bottles

Collected in bottle machines, sorted and compressed, and then squeezed down to environmentally friendly bales and transported by GreenCycle. Finally, they’re processed into a granulate at a recycling plant to make the ideal material for new bottles.

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