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Energy management

Our energy management system has three objectives: we aim to increase our energy efficiency, optimise our energy use and create increased awareness of our energy consumption. Accordingly, we make use of an energy management system based on the regulations of the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard. This helps us control and document our energy consumption and thus gradually to optimise it.

Our knowledge and experience in the field of energy management can also be applied in your own business. We are happy to advise you about setting up and running a comprehensive energy management system. Also part of our portfolio is a software solution optimised for ISO 50001 that can be customised to the needs of your business.

The Energy Management Cycle


During the planning phase, an analysis is made of the areas that require and consume particularly large amounts of energy. This process also determines how performance can be improved in energy terms. The challenges are described in detail, the primary causes of process deviations are established and the data collection process set up.


In this second step, the data obtained is collected and carefully analysed. Checks are made for any potential causes of error. To perform the necessary analyses, we have a fully customisable software solution that supports us throughout the entire EnMS.


Here the assumptions made during the planning phase are compared with the outcomes of the realisation phase and evaluated. On the basis of this, quality improvement measures are determined.


In the action phase, decisions are taken for or against changes to processes and other improvement measures. Changes are appropriately documented and audited. Finally, the cycle returns to the planning phase and begins again.

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  Energy Purchase  

GreenCycle acts as your partner for questions regarding the energy market and energy purchasing. We are happy to advise you on the available alternatives for optimising your energy purchasing.

We can help you to select the energy provider that offers best value for money and best suits your consumption structure. This is done by making use of a wide range of procurement methods and concepts. As a result, we develop and create an ideal combination of products for your specific requirements.

Purchasing Strategies

The foundation for successful energy procurement is a purchasing strategy that defines your individual requirements and your willingness to accept risks. We draw on our many years of experience to develop these for you, taking into account the products and portfolios that you prefer.

Market Observation

Our market observation monitors and analyses all energy-relevant markets in Europe constantly. Purchasing is realised at different price-setting time points using structured models. This is particularly important in consideration of increased volatility in energy prices due to increased supply of renewable energy.

Risk Management

Within your individually-defined portfolio, your purchasing of different products is coordinated optimally. The risk observation also takes the time-related components into consideration. We define your individual risk and your readiness to take risks. Methods for maintaining your strategy range from traditional full supply through to structured purchasing.

  WindNODE Project  

‘WindNODE will provide evidence that the energy transition can be technologically and economically successful. The project aims to demonstrate that even with a predominant proportion of renewable energy, electricity can be effectively used or efficiently stored when the sun and the wind provide it.’ (Source:

The Schwarz Group acts as the sole trading company for WindNODE. Our aim is to make use of flexibility at our locations in order to be able to make use of the renewable energy available. This enables us to reduce switch-off times for green power sources and supports the ongoing development of the energy market. We also provide information to general and interested audiences by describing and presenting our projects and activities in ‘showcase’ locations. We are thus contributing actively to the energy transition.