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Leading recyclables manager

Leading recyclables manager

PreZero is GreenCycle’s sales brand in the growing waste management, sorting and recycling market. The company is one of the leading recyclables managers with more than 80 locations in Germany and Europe.

As a waste disposal contractor, PreZero manages all processes quickly and simply: from the installation of suitable containers, to collection, sorting and recycling in more than 30 of our own processing, sorting and recycling facilities.

Backed by expertise, experience and strong partners

PreZero’s customers can rely on the experience and competence of more than 3,000 specialists at over 80 locations in Germany and Europe, as well as on an extensive network of local partners in the waste management sector. PreZero combines the expertise and performance of 90 years of waste management services offered by the Tönsmeier Group with almost as much experience in trading as a company in the Schwarz Group, one of the largest trading companies in the world.

Driver of innovation in the industry

The company has created the waste management platform to provide easy and efficient access to waste disposal and recycling services. Customers can use the platform to have a no-obligation quote for the disposal of their recyclables drawn up at any time. PreZero has also digitalised its internal operations, which simplifies and optimises processes.

Part of the materials cycle of the Schwarz Group

PreZero is part of the materials cycle of the Schwarz Group, which also includes the retail chains Kaufland and Lidl, as well as numerous production plants. Thanks to its unique positioning, the Schwarz Group is able to take action at every point in the materials cycle in order to improve the recovery of recyclable materials and reduce the consumption of natural resources: from the production of recyclable packaging to commercial distribution, collection and sorting of recyclables, reprocessing of materials, all the way back to the manufacture of recycled products. PreZero is a key component of the materials cycle, and therefore makes an important contribution to the conservation of natural resources.