GreenCycle US

GreenCycle arrived in the US in 2017. The company began operation with the acquisition of RMG Recycling in San Diego, California. Going forward, GreenCycle US looks to engage with companies via acquisition, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships with the goal of developing the recycling processes in the US.

Creating a circular economy

Creating a circular economy

The corporate headquarters and geographical focus of GreenCycle US are in California. Environmental protection has traditionally been a high priority in the state.

With the purchase of RMG Recycling, a local recycling company based in San Diego, GreenCycle now also operates as a waste management company. The aim is to get to know the market and gain initial experience of how waste disposal, recycling and the circular economy work on the other side of the Atlantic.

GreenCycle strives to create closed loop solutions. At the moment, the focus is primarily on organics, plastics, and paper. The organic waste is collected and processed into compost or animal feed. For plastic waste, GreenCycle is developing innovative recycling centers that will have the capacity to process a wide variety of plastic materials.

You can find out more about GreenCycle US’s activities on the website of its subsidiary RMG Recycling.