GreenCycle Asia

GreenCycle is represented in Asia with an office in Hong Kong. Currently, the company is gathering valuable information on the local waste management industry. From their research, GreenCycle Asia will derive solutions for the rapidly growing metropolises of the continent.

New impetus for the circular economy

Impetus from Asia

In view of the growing population and increasing prosperity, the amount of waste being generated is also rising in large parts of Asia. The continent’s rapidly growing megacities in particular are facing major challenges in terms of waste disposal. They are in need of cost-effective, easy-to-use and space-saving disposal solutions to get the problem of waste under control.

Legislation in the various Asian countries is also driving the development of a circular economy. Stricter environmental laws are boosting the demand for intelligent recycling concepts and materials cycles.

Many Asian countries are benefiting from their pioneering role in the digitalisation of every aspect of our lives – from artificial intelligence to Industry 4.0 and Smart City solutions. The team at GreenCycle Asia has set itself the task of identifying and learning from the innovation drivers in recycling.